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Corey has been a graphic designer professionally since 2003. He has worked as a Junior Designer, Senior Designer, and has served as an Art Director at BET Digital since 2017.

His professional career began in 2003, however his art and design interests date back to elementary school. His artwork was featured in the Children's Museum in the 3rd Grade and he was called upon in elementary school for school cover art, and in high school for play set designs, promotional posters, school t-shirts, and yearbooks. In college he designed for numerous organizations, and found time to create flyers, apparel, posters, and cover art for local businesses, radio stations, and young musicians.

Current Position:
Art Director | BET Digital    
Creative Director | c mecca design



Logo Design

Illustration Design

Art Direction

Design Consultation

Creative Zone


Corey's passion lies in dynamic and illustrative designs. He loves to find dimension and character in his work. Seeing a brand become realized and working with a great team that is not only talented, but also compassionate, understanding, diligent, collaborative, and thought provoking only enhances the process of design.

Some of the projects that he has particularly enjoyed from BET have been BET Imagine Room for it's creativity, the Mo' BETA Bodega for it's grandiosity, and Spoof Deez - particularly because of how the wood and chains on Animal Cemetery were animated and realized.  The Art of the Record Deal we was also a fun execution that required many trials and errors in order to correctly implement the parallax in and around the letters. The design of the Freestyle Friday logo and print set design that traveled the world, and art directing a Lori Harvey photo shoot and article, were also great highlights.

Additional Design Projects:

Black History Month

Art Direction & Design

ABFF Honors


Early Career & Print


Corey's post college work consisted of taking on freelance work around the Washington, D.C. area. He began working out of a small firm in VA shortly after leaving college. In addition to designing, the company was responsible for printing, so setting up print sheets in Quark and making trips to the print vendor was another responsibility - taking him back to the days when he worked in the print shop in high school. It's been years since Corey has been able to work with print shops, however in producing and designing BET Digital's How to Rock Denim magazine in 2017, Corey was able to relive print design again, briefly. 


Club Flyers


Although, admittedly, web design wasn't one of his favorite endeavors there are web design projects he has come to enjoy. He can tackle the visual aspects and UI - he can also jump into UX if needed. And while he has taken multiple classes in HTML it has been relegated mainly to checking codes in an inspector and the minor updates to improve his own portfolio site. In 2016 Corey was tasked to lead the full redesign of BET's apps. This included redesigning and assisting with UX decisions for our OTT platforms - Apple TV, Roku, Amazon, and our app. Corey also lead the refresh of the Centric site during it's rebrand. During it's height he led the majority of the designs for The BET Honors. One of his favorite projects was creating an interactive game for the Soul Train Awards Scrabble Board that was sponsored by McDonald's. In 2007, as a young designer, Corey designed the site for the BET Awards, which he now leads on a yearly basis.

Additional Design Projects:

BET Digital Influencer Tree



Corey looks to do more creative work in the future, while continuing learn more about the craft of design. While he has an appreciation for corporate design, he finds more of a draw to the creativity of on-air show graphics, and the graphics from the Olympics and NBA Finals. He loves the simplicity and creativity that can be found in Nike campaigns and the wild imagination of The Imagineers, Disney, and Pixar. There is still so much more to learn and places to grow. If you're looking work with or hire Corey as a client, please don't hesitate to send an email.

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